Evan Tann

More than 45,000 brands

Rely on Tint for social media marketing and events.

Today, Tint is the world's leading social media aggregator. But years ago, Tint was a startup armed with nothing more than than a great idea, raw talent and the strength of will that only entrepreneurs share.

Tint was about to demo their first product to investors, but it was still weeks away from being ready.

Tim Sae Koo, Tint's CEO, wanted to create a gorgeous experience, standing out with incredible images that would capture the eyes and minds of its users as well as the attention of investors.

Working with Tint, I built an image processing server using the same tools that enable Yahoo! and Walmart.com to deliver incredible web experiences that millions of people use and rely on every day.

Tint's demo was so successful that the company raised funding.

After seeing the demo, Bill Gross at Idealab immediately saw the potential and invested in the company, enabling them to grow.

Tint exploded in popularity among brands and today works with more than 45,000 of the world's leading businesses offering an invaluable service.

The company reached profitability and continues to grow.

The company reached profitability and continues to grow, and today has more than 30 employees. Its technology has been used for conferences, in-store displays and web-based marketing and branding, seen everywhere from NASDAQ IPOs to Times Square.

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